Save Electronic Music

Goal: Make interesting electronic music, organically and efficiently.

A lot of electronic music is programmed by hand into a sequencer. As a result, it sounds lazily precise:

Insane electronic artists like Venetian Snares spend skillions of hours sequencing nuances of complex eccentric rhythms:

But as a percussionist and beatboxer, eccentrically nuanced rhythms that meander in and out of polymeters come to me naturally.

Problem: How can I make electronic music as easy as I can play it?

Solution: PYTHON

EchoNest REMIX Api

Timbre Analysis

Mediocre but sufficient approach: compares each segment to 12 basis functions

K-means clustering on Timbre Information

Segment songs by rhythmic event, analyze each segment, group into k clusters.

horitonal: time; color: timbre cluster

This gives us information about short-term structures. Perfect.

Woah wait, what if we do that to two tracks, paired off their timbre clusters? According to similarity, greedily?

We could layer one track onto the structure of another! In a way which preservers the diversity of timbre
(unlike the previous ruler of the lands which takes every segment in a and finds the closest segment in b----this process doesn't preserve the diversity of b)

Result: organic eletronic percussion no tedious sequencing that makes you dissociate from the spontaneous soul of the music.

Let's layer in a bunch of cool sounds!

(But it doesn't give you a licence to be lazy. Efficiency is simply an opportunity to further fine-tune your art.)

Woah this could be the basis for a whole genre of electronic music

Get crackin'

Existential questions?

el proceso música de Corteza Júbilo