"What is the most important thing I could be working on in the world right now? And if you are not working on that, why aren't you?" - Aaron Swartz

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Collaborative music with copymiddle licensing

CTO, Seed Funded Startup


Algorithmic DJ that tricked humans

Won first prize at Dartmouth's AlgoRhythms Turing Test Contest


A multithreaded job queue for distributed neural network tasks.

Apply A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style to video. [github]


Web Audio Engine

With an assembly-esque scripting language for making indeterminate music. [github]


Alliteration remixer.

Efficient algorithm for improving the alliterative quality of text while preserving meaning. Runs in O(n) time. Won "Best Code" award at HAMR 2013. Used to generate a 50,000+ word novel for NaNoGenMo 2014 which includes a remix of Alice in Wonderland. [github] [pdf] [NaNoGenMo 2014]

Crowd Remix

Collaborative music production tool.

Speeds up my process tenfold. User builds new parts by exploring the space of permutations of old songs. Maps to keyboard sampler. Uses concatenative synthesis, euclidean rhythms, and my Timbre Spectrum algorithm. Won "Best Hack/Research Direction" award at HAMR 2014. [crowd remix]


A tool for navigating hours of speech by visualizing topics over time.

[github] [demo]


Python library for audio and music analysis.


4D Chladni Simulator

This may be what standing waves in a tesseract look like.

Winner of MusicTechFest Cymatics Challenge. [github] [video] [mtf]


An algorithm for building one song from segments of another.

Improves upon an earlier nearest-neighbor approach by using a k-means cluster-pairing method for segment replacement which helps preserve the range of timbre. Won "Coolest Hack" award at HackPrinceton 2013. [github] [HackPrinceton presentation] Also used to in Blastema, which won First Prize at PayPal's Hack2Launch.

Anaphone Solver

Generates phonetic anagrams.

galaxy : lucky gas
philosophy : awful fussy
[anaphonr] [github]


Collaborative note taking tool.

Simple and beautiful. Organize by #hashtag, search.

ThotBot v0.1

Chatbot based on my notes.

Based on MegaHAL. Uses my chaos notes as its corpus. It occassionally inspires me to think of new ideas. [generate]

Violet Hiss

Poetry bot

based on the words of transhumanist poet Adam James Davis. [generate]


Text editor with integrated rhyme dictionary.


An algorithm for analyzing EEG signal and providing audio feedback to train practitioners of meditation.

Built in collaboration with researchers from the Transformative Technology Lab in Palo Alto.

Earlier versions were showcased at Billions of Bucks: A Cyberpunk Revue, Music Hack Day Boston, and Could This Happen?

Strobe Goggles

Creates phosphene hallucinations.

During Cortexelation performances I invite the audience to wear these. I've built 3. Arduino + multicolor LEDs. Portable or USB controlled. Potentiometer for controlling frequency (which can sync with tempo in Ableton Live).


A music instrument painting

...of a sixteen-legged cephalopod. Made with conductive paint, connected to a Makey Makey, hooked up to Crowd Remix. Won the Microsoft Prize at MusicTechFest Boston. [BBC article / video]


Makes droste spirals.

Turns doughnuts into cinnamon rolls.

Lyrical Sonnet Awesome

Makes sonnets out of song lyrics.

Won the LyricFind prize at RethinkMusic Hackathon. Featured in Public Radio International and Forbes

Beat Bot

Music education game for Berklee PULSE.

Build bots that bust beats by solving rhythmic challenges. See your bot animated. Flamethrower arms included.


Watch old chats like a movie.

Grab some popcorn and load your favorite AIM/Facebook conversations.

Ultimate Yearbook

Photo mosaic generator that renders the front cover.

MusicTechFest Telehack

Remote-collaboration music hackathons.

As part of MusicTechFest, I co-organized the Boston+=Berlin, Boston+=Paris, and Boston+=UmeƄ telehackathons. Programmers worked across the Atlantic to compete for awards and prizes. [+=] [twitter] [music tech fest]

Music Therapy Hack

Hackathon to catalyze innovation in music therapy.

I conspired with dean Darla Hanley to assemble a team to throw Berklee's first hackathon. It was hosted at hack/reduce March 2014. Prior to the event I investigated the challenges of music therapy, bridging the gap between the talents of engineers and the wish lists of therapists. [video] [hackerleague] I later presented at the [NER-AMTA spring conference] about music therapy tech and how to organize hacker communities to solve problems.

"Things like freedom and the expansion of knowledge are beyond success, beyond the personal. Personal success is not wrong, but it is limited in importance, and once you have enough of it it is a shame to keep striving for that, instead of for truth, beauty, or justice." - Richard Stallman